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After a few more dead-end searches and evaluations, I discovered a simple, one-person issue-tracking application that looks like it would do everything I need. It was written by a developer for his own use -- this is a good sign! -- and then polished up to sell as a low-cost commercial product.

It doesn't run on the version of OS X that I'm using. Gah!


Dec. 30th, 2011 09:04 am
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Having created this account primarily for the purpose of software testing, I note that it would become more useful in that regard if it had content. :-)

While thinking about what I could put here, I got the idea that I might use it as...a journal! I think it would be an interesting -- to me! -- experiment to see if I could keep a log or diary of what I'm doing, primarily as it relates to software development. As I imagine the content and structure, I realize that it would be very low on entertainment value. (Possibly better on an 'educational' scale but even there, unlikely to be great.) I won't be cross-posting it.

For anyone who finds this boring beyond belief, feel free to drop me from your reading list! I understand completely. :-)
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Here I am on Dreamwidth. My main purpose here for the moment is to test client/server software development to see whether there are differences between talking to this server's software and that which runs LiveJournal.

I will now spend a bunch of time finding people and configuring my account so that I have "data" to play with.

(I have previously had a "sort of" account here that used OpenID, which was essentially read-only.)

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