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Partly because I'm stubborn and partly because I wanted to learn whether the previous day's installation problems were software issues or me(!) issues, I installed Bugzilla on Linux yesterday. Even this was not exactly simple, but that's because my PC's Linux partition was running an OS version that was four years old.

There are a couple of things about this that come as a bit of a nightmare to a -- by choice -- Mac user. One is that updating applications for that old a system is dicey and the second is that updating the OS becomes a case of replacing it rather than upgrading. After internalizing those ideas, I thought it might be interesting to install a Ubuntu version. I downloaded the ISO image, burned a CD, and started an install...which crashed. It asked if I'd like to send a crash report and I agreed to that. It said it couldn't gather enough information and would I please install some more software first. If I could do that, I wouldn't be sending this report, would I? Go away.

I went back to my old friend openSUSE which installed fine after the standard download, burn.... The PostgreSQL database installed fine and Apache and the massive number of Perl modules that Bugzilla needs and Bugzilla itself. With only a small amount of head-scratching, they all got configured to work together and by the end of the session I was starting to remember where they all hid their configuration files.

I'm not sure whether I'll actually use this installation or not but I feel better knowing that the previous day's failures weren't due to brain deterioration. Cross platform software is wonderful in theory but, in practice, use it on the system it was *really* designed for.
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