Jan. 31st, 2012

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Creating an interface for managing stopwords turned out to be a bit more time-consuming than I'd expected. Partly that was getting the database access right but mostly it was spent figuring out a couple of oddities within the development kit.

There is a controller class which one can use as a caching interface to the database. It tracks DB changes and updates query results accordingly. Optionally, it informs a delegate that changes have happened. However, if you give it a delegate and it detects that the changes aren't being processed, it invalidates its own cache. This causes havoc if the programmer's strategy is to defer such processing to a more appropriate time.

The other weirdness was the product of the visual interface editor. The task was to put a sub-view inside a scrolling view which, itself, was inside a primary view. The tool decided to apply positive x/y offsets to the sub-view and compensating negative offsets to the scroller. It looked great until the user tried to make anything scroll...then, confusion in the form of objects wandering aimlessly across the screen.

Bug score: Open 31, Fixed 40.

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