Jan. 4th, 2012

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The past couple of days have been mostly 'readonly' with respect to this project.

Using a new feature of Dreamwidth that allows a client program to obtain a reading list, similar to a LiveJournal friends list, revealed a bug in its implementation. I reported that to DW. It was fixed and I now have code to use it...and verify that their fix worked. (Amazing response time from the host developers!)

Probably as a protection mechanism, my mind temporarily lost track of the fact that I spent a half-day fruitlessly trying to install a bug-tracking system for personal use on my Macintosh. (I'm used to using them on Linux and the core Mac OS isn't *that* different, so...how hard could it be?)

Bugzilla is written in Perl. Perl uses CPAN as an installation module. CPAN is wonderful when it works and impenetrable when it doesn't. It died with an "unknown error" on installing prerequisites. (If *you* don't know, I'm sure *I* don't!)

The Bug Genie -- a PHP application -- almost worked. After a number of upgrades to supporting software, I got it to connect to my database server (PostgreSQL), at which point it hung attempting to create tables. No error message...a form of communication that makes "unknown" seem exceptionally forthcoming.

MantisBT's install page -- also PHP -- came up blank with no clues concerning errors. (I detect a pattern!) Trying a different admin page gave an error, saying that my version of PHP was missing UTF-8 support in its regular expressions module. Nope...not rebuilding the language processor based on the whims of an unproven application!

Still looking for a bug-tracker.

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